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Bonne Année !

10 days at home for Christmas and New Year, although being over all too soon, was just what I needed. I spent time with family and friends, went out for brunches and lunches, had a couple of 21st birthday events and visited the Ashmolean rooftop restaurant and Christmas at Blenheim with Dan.

The most important thing of all was that I relaxed and spent absolutely no time having to even think about work/revision/exams – which is a definite positive about choosing to work for your Year Abroad. Christmas break actually means a break from everything, rather than your brain feeling like it might break under the stress of all those deadlines.

Back to Paris on New Year’s Day and back to work on the 2nd. Although it will come as no surprise when I say that change scares me, I have learnt that once I master new things (like all of the daily tasks and different procedures in my current job) I feel a sense of accomplishment, naturally, but once they become second nature I begin looking for something different. I now have two weeks left until I finish this five-month placement and I definitely feel ready for a change of scenery and another new challenge.

Saying goodbye to Paris and to an office-based role, my second placement is with a company called Châteaux des Langues which is based in Laval (near Rennes/Brittany) and offers residential language-learning courses. Professionals, individuals and children are welcomed to the Château where they stay for around a week – fully immersing themselves in either French or English and participating in 12 hours of learning per day.

This company was on the suggestions list from Leeds and it was actually the first offer I received, almost exactly one year ago. As far as I know, I will be responsible for teaching small groups and ensuring that the learning is not entirely classroom-based.

My next blog post will be coming to you from Laval, rather than Paris (!), with an update about my new role and how I’m settling in to the town.

Grosses bises x x



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